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Gifts that support our work

By buying any of our gifts, you will make a contribution to our life-changing work.

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The proceeds that go from each sale towards our work varies with each product. However, every €1 that Mary's Meals receives has an impact in some of the world's poorest communities. You can learn more about this impact here.

If you would prefer to contribute directly to our work then we welcome donations of any kind!

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Our products

All our products are made within the EU and provided by print on-demand service called Printful. You can learn more about Printful on their website.

Printful pride themselves on providing ethical, sustainable solutions and are constantly seeking to improve. You can learn more about this here.

Products are shipped within the EU and shipping time can vary based on orders. Generally our products take roughly 7-10 business days to arrive at your door. 

A boy in Yemen eats food from Mary's Meals

Life-changing gifts

Your generosity can have a life-changing impact in the communities where we work. Our life-changing gifts are a representation of this generosity in the countries where we work.

While the money from your donation may not be used to buy a stove or feed a specific classroom, our diligent reporting has shown that we can achieve these great things with the figures attached to each gift. So your gift really will change lives.

To learn more about our work and read our reports, please visit our main site.


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